Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Sailor R104 + T126

I know, did I needed this boat anchor?  Probably not!

Sorry, couldn't resist since this was the only radio I managed to break in operation (many years ago and that's another story)... luckily was only the fuses and that because the antenna cable was corroded...

There's nothing like the first love, so I bough this exemplar relative cheap and in supposed working condition (didn't tested yet). The radio was delivered in Portugal last week and I had no time to power it up, maybe during Christmas week.

It's composed of two main modules, the transmiter T126 and the receiver R104, aditional modules are the power supply, the speaker and the external antenna relay. Only the mic is missing.
 Weight is around 26 Kg, now that's a proper anchor!
There's a metal support that you can use to fix it to a wall and allow the modules to slide in for easy maintenance.

Transmitting part and power supply:

Receiver and speaker:

Inside the transmitter:

And the corresponding schematic:
.... that is 6 output TT22 valves for something around 400 W...

Modulation part of the transmitter:

I might in the end just use the transmitter unit for parts, specially the output tubes and the crystal filter.

Schematic and ssb filter characteristics (modulator):

Note the asymmetrical characteristic of the filter:

 ...you probably noticed my blog pictures quality just passed from the normal "crap" to something more acceptable, that's because I have a new camera, unfortunately you have to keep the same photographer...

Have a nice week!

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