Sunday, November 23, 2014

Scope bandscope adapter in place

I'm getting to the point that before building something I allready know were it can fail and if it will work....
So confident with that, I build this small banscope adapter for the Yaesu FT-102 without even testing it on the radio itself and in the scope was intended to (Hameg). That was because I don't have the radio in Ireland.
So I took the finished equipment to Portugal (were the FT-102 is) and connected to the IF2 worked first time!

Still have to finish the front panel labeling and build a small buffer in the output of the FT-102, there is some leakage to it. Also if you notice I connected incorrectly the power button and LED....oh well. There's some initial drift of the bandscope VFO oscillator, maybe in the future will improve the VFO design.

Here during build and tests using just a small carrier to test and the Rigol scope (you can see trigger channel signals also):

The bandscope internal board during build:

If I have time will draw the schematic but basically is a receiver with a ramp generator sweeping the VFO, the output of the IF filter (in that receiver) is connected to an AD8307 and the AD8307 output to an oscilloscope Y, scope X is triggered by the ramp or by the pulse output of the bandscope sweep generator (I choose pulse on my case).

Have a great week!

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