Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Arduino thinks he is an Yaesu.... and now outputs some RF

Got, last Friday, two of these:

It's a breakout board with an Silicon Labs Si5351A that can output 3 diferent clock's.

And just in time after finishing the code for the computer controled VFO on the Arduino.

Plugged one of them to the Arduino and now have some RF using the supplied example on the library.

Now it's more coding so I can change the output from the Si5351 for the first mixer and product detector. Something tells me that it's not going to be easy...

I bough two of them since I am thinking in adding another IF to the "Trevo" transceiver and then create a "shift" and "width" controls by varying the BFO, VFO and the IF LO. I will try first to implement in software and them test, I'm sure gains on the different stages must be well defined. Anyhow will be easier in software than with cristal mixing schemes.

It must be two boards since the chip in fact only has two independent PLL's from what I've seen so far.

Have a great week!

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