Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scope bandscope adapter

...Just some modules glued togetter:

 Signal on display is from a QRSS Kit at 14.200Mhz...

 placed very close to input since there's no positive gain in the circuit and the mixer was homebuilt.
 Lower channel is the trigger. Log detector is an AD8307 and IF filter (10Mhz) is incorrectly terminated....
(add: made some measurement: vpp on the ramp for the vfo is 3.44V. Min vfo freq is: 4.174Mhz and max vfo is: 4.196Mhz, that is around 22Khz and makes 2.44Khz by division. I was thinking the peak was a bit large but in fact should be correct)

...plenty of room to improve....

And... have a nice week!

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