Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today's work

Today's work was this:
 Placed connector pins on the two new "Speaky" band module boards and also the VXO's adjustable cap (very small inside the red square), still waiting for the toroid's and crystals to continue building. Top board is a standard "Speaky" module.

And this:

top board is going to be a noise bridge with switched bypass (unfinished), bottom board is a swr meter circuit for the new antenna tuner (reworked, finished but not calibrated yet).

Another work for today was to fix the car brand badge, some time ago it fallen of but a good friend gave me a spare one and this time I bonded it with two compound glue instead of the standard 2 pin press fit, I'm sure it will not fall anytime soon.
Yesterday I went by to Lisbon and although always bellow the speed limit looks like I smashed a small bug...

...that's called dead bug style building...

Have a great weekend!

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