Saturday, February 02, 2013

Speaker mount improvement

From the to-do list on the Speaky one was quit easy to finish:

Modify internal speaker mount, audio is to much on the low (bass) side
Here's the "original" mount:

because of the assembly type there was some vibration against the box and sound was a little bit on the bass side.
 Nothing some rubber washers and a little of fabric can't solve, there's also some peaces of rubber, bellow the speaker in each of the bolts, from an bicycle inner tube

I also increased size of the lid holes...

To finish product:

 Now the sound it's much more even across the spectrum (2.4Khz!) and doesn't "vibrate" against the box lid.

Still to do on the radio:
  *Add 30,20,15,12 and 10m band...and maybe 500Khz rx
  *Add another audio amp, the existing one stays just for headphones
 * Add in IF buffered output
  *Check drive level on 40m that is generating some instability (I know were the problem is and how to work around but will try to fix first)
 *Tighten cables.

And eventually I will transform the "Speaky" in something similar to this:


p.s. The magic smoke of previous post was not that magic, it was a broken solder joint in one of the pins, glad it was simple because it was not going to be easy to replace any other components in the main board.

Have a nice weekend!

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