Friday, December 16, 2011


The problem of being a home brewer/DIY/having the knack ,on electronics is that sooner or latter you end up thinking you can build/make anything...
One of the first things outside electronics I did was changing the car oil, the sparks and air and oil filter.... it went well...but now it's something different, after watching some Australian "Master Chef" episodes I convinced myself that cooking is easy....compared to harmonics/IP3/band filters, etc...

Here's a local recipe with Mussels (they were also "caught" by me).

You will need:

*Olive oil

Just pour some olive oil, some chopped peaces of garlic and onion on a pan, take it to the stove in a slow cooking position.
As soon as the onions and garlic start to get a light yellow color (means they are starting to get cooked) pour the mussels inside, keep a low power on the stove, cover the pan and let them cook in the steam. Do not put water or salt, they have plenty of salted water inside. Let them cook until they have the shells fully open.

The mussels should be fresh an alive.

Here's the outcome:

It's more of an entry or "tapas" than a meal.

A circuit in the next post... or another recipe!

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