Saturday, November 12, 2011

New 10m radio

I don't have much time to do QSO's, in fact time is short even for soldering.... but I have a new radio.... A "Dragon" delta force.... don't you just love the names some manufacteus give to radios? There's also the same radio under the "Magnum" brand. Probably one of this day's someone is going to build the "Kalash terminator" 10m mobile.... :)
Here's the lousy photo:

10m was hot today, I've heard a lot of QSO's and almost pushed the ptt to answear a CQ call from the USA...maybe tomorow!

My first impression on the rig is a positive one, it works and receives nice, vfo operation is not easy on 1khz step since it counts from 1 to 9 but then returns to 0 without increment the 10's Khz...! It's not build like Yaesu, Kenwood etc, in term's of knobs material and front panel (didn't looked inside yet) but enough for the intended function, a receiver for some dowconverter's I will build.

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