Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's this ? II

Here's another question, this time I know the answer...

The location is "Cabo Carvoeiro" (Cape Carvoeiro) located near the city of Peniche and of course the building is a lighthouse so that doesn't count as an answer, the antenna is a T type being the top part made of 2 parallel cables (lenght is 92m height is 27m), so could be probably a simple T with more bandwidth or sort of a terminated loop. There's also the possibility of beeing 2 antenas in redundance! Sory but I don't have more exact technical details.
The question is: what's the purpose of the antenna?

Anyhow the late antenna is almost as good as the HF one I putted in my alternative shack.... made in 20 minutes...

can't get more simple than this...2 pieces of wire forming a dipole. Not perfect but much better than using the VHF antenna (it was for reception only!)...

Meanwhile I have been busy with other stuf so you have to wait for some more solderings... maybe next week.


pedro said...

Essa pergunta so pode ter ser dirigida a mim !! Mas cá vai .... É uma das duas antenas do sistema de DGPS Portuges a outra está em Sagres;)

This question can only have be addressed to me! But here goes .... It is one of two antennas of the portuguese DGPS system the other one is in Sagres;)

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Yups, it's a differencial GPS antenna running on 311,5 Khz.

More info about DGPS here: