Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a blast!

After some days without success in some experiments, today was a very productive day.... I just blasted what's left from my DVD reader, I say what's left because he stopped working....I checked the fuse and replaced by a piece of wire (that's plain wrong I know) although having noticed some burned pcb parts I went for it. So I wasn't expecting to much except that 1 second before I though maybe it was a good idea to put the safety googles...before powering up for testing...
Here's the outcome:

The cooper wire over the fuse simply vaporised in front of me... how fun can that be!? :)
Never mind, I just got a new box for some future projects. That's what gives to buy very cheap electronics... they just don't last!

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Ed said...

Keep trying to get your pic programmed, I use PiKdev in Linux with sucess. I d/l and compile, but it is the one that works. PikLab will not write to my p16F628.