Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Front panel labeling method

Due to time constraints and the hot weather I haven't much possibility to make some soldering's so decided to make some labels since that doesn't involve soldering.
This is my first try on one possible method for labeling, basicaly it's a normal paper (on inkjet printer) print of the labels and then placed on the front panel with transparent paper over them (with glue on one side).

Here's the outcome:

Care must be taken to place the label in the transparent paper so it doesn't fit in an angle as you can probably can spot on some of them.

The print was made with "Openoffice calc" software (a spreadsheet). I learn't only after printing that it's better to fit the cell size to the text size avoiding cutting later the paper so the labels can fit.

Latter will try also with some transparent glue and then some varnish over, that could end on a somewhat more professional look. Anyhow this is a cheap and fast way of giving some more good looks on your assenblies.


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Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

A suggestion from Luciano - PY2BBS, for those who own a LASER printer. Thanks.