Monday, June 14, 2010

Standard plug for equipment power

Now that the warm weather arrived, time spent in the shack must be kept to the minimum (it's hot).
Today decided to rearrange the power cables to the homebrew equipments. Since they all run on 12v direct current (DC) and power consumption is low (mostly qrp power) found this little nice plugs that fit quite nicely, previous I was runing some cables connected directly to the equipments.

Here the "male" inner terminal

The plugs can be placed in the back panel of the equipment but I opted to put a dropout cable in the back and then the plug them.

Still I have to put some protection on the battery circuit, am thinking in testing an, house electrical installation, standard 230v automatic circuit breaker for 25Amps (they are cheaper than the marine 12V circuit breakers), they work by the heating principle so the only thing that counts is the current passing, the 230v marking should only regard isolation capacity....hope it works...

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