Thursday, January 14, 2010


The first time I heard this name was some 5 years ago, planing a small trip to the
Caribeean french Martinique island, whille searching for airports in the Caribe area I spoted this name and when I went to to buy the plane ticket I incidentally asked for Port-au-Prince, when I wanted to say was Fort de France, the lady looked at me shocked and I quickly spoted the mistake and asked Martinique, Fort de France. I went to Martinique.
Now the news bring me again this rememberance... has you know that part of the island was hit by a very big heartquake and caos is installed.

There were allready some ham radio contacts to the afected area has you can listen here:

News at REP:
Looks like HH2JR managed to put his station on the air.

HH2JR used a phonepatch from a fellow ham in the states to relay some news on the situation. This reminds me I have no phone patch in the shack and probably is a good idea to brew one.
I allready have a batery charged from a sollar panel in case there's a power outage.

Thinking in what I can do to help out and since I have not much economical power, instead of my next journey to the electronic shop to buy some relays I need for the hf-radio, I will use that money to send to the Portuguese red-cross relief effort since they are now sending people to the affected area. The hf-radio can wait a little longer on the relays.

If you, the reader, can help them out in any way, please do!

That missing relay will have to wait, like the antenna changover, attenuator and rf preamp:

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