Thursday, September 17, 2009

FV-107 to FT-102 external vfo (FV-102)

One of the Yaesu FT-102 problems besides the relays is to get an FV-102, the external VFO, except this issues it's a nice radio at least better the ones I far!. I dig around for a used FV-102 unit but the ones I found are too expensive for what I wanted to pay for legacy IC's in a box. I had two chances, to make an external VFO or to use an allready existing VFO from other radio. Since it's hard to make or to find good tunning capacitors with good reducion drive and dds/pll/etc is out of the question, to keep some signal purity, I went to the secound option; use an FV-107 as vfo for the FT-102.

The circuit is not finished yet so I will post the result when a repetible and clean assenbly is done. VFO interface and control is not completly linear in the FT-102 and with schematics on paper it took me some time to figure it out on what had to be done. See the video to see what is possible allready.

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