Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mail order components

Got this in the mail:

Now I can go on with the airband/vhf receiver experiments with new input and IF filters.

Silver wire for testing diferent vhf coils, Neoside 5061 (6) variable inductor for input filter (2 filter, one for 144 and the other for 126Mhz), four 455Khz filter plus two 10.7Mhz, different bandwidths. Two (yellow) 455Khz coils for FM discrimination, tree pig noses for an rf amplifier. 2 Neoside cores to make an vhf oscilator and a micrometer just for fun :) Not cheap but could not get it here localy so bough at Barend's shop in the Netherlands, I like that country! Barend's shop is at:

Stay tuned!

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Dominic Rivron said...

I've used Barend's shop too - it's really useful. Bought the parts for a 144MHz antenna preamp from him. I haven't built it yet. (Mostly I homebrew simple HF projects - I'm thinking of doing more at VHF, with a view to listening to moonbounce).