Thursday, April 30, 2009

PC programming cable for Kenwood TH-F7E

No big magic here, copy the schematic from the net, make an nice _expensive_ box and "voila": an programing cable for my TH-F7E.
Components were from the junk box and some from my local suplier, I think total cost even from an expensive supplier would be around 10 Eur/USD top most. Cost from Ken-timber(wood) is around 62 Eur, software is free of charge which is nice!

By the way the box is from "Vimeiro" spkarkling water. I have an antenna pre-amplifier inside another water botle in the roof :)
The plugs have to be grinded (trimed) to fit ( full entering) in the radio.

The board was from an power supply experimenting and as always a mix of "Manhattan style" and "Dead bug" which one is faster...

The interface schematic comes from:

Here it is the schematic from the above site:

Incidently today as of writing I found another schematic that I didn't tested and dependes on an max232 to make level convertions. Is here:

Only had an small problem but was on the software side, winblows creates "com port 10" and I was expecting 3 so no communication at the begining.

About the radio: so far so good, easy to learn, a little deaf with the stock antenna ( read: dummy load), no small step on 446Mhz to listen exactly on PMR frequency.

In Linux I still haven't tested the interface because the USB to serial cable is not fully operational, I will upgrade soon to Fedora Core 10 and test then, in FC4 and 6 it didn't worked, I have reception but no transmit. Chipset for the cable is PL2303.

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