Friday, December 08, 2006


Making the cabling inside the box is more demanding than soldering the kit. It'a an time consuming task.
I allready powered it up but can't change frequency on the display so I hope it's just some cables that are not connected yet. Programed the frequency counter but have to review again the instrutions. Power led lights up so the RIT led :). Got the volume working today.


Tim W4YN said...

I am at this stage with mt Speaky.
It layed dormant for a long time.
How did you like the end result?
I am finishing the PA now have only tried on receive so far.
Tim W4YN

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Hello Tim,

I am for some years remaking the cabling since I had some instability in the frequency counter or in the vfo (not sure in which) but now the project is stooped. Will resume soon, I hope. Good luck with yours!

73 de Ricardo - CT2GQV