Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ferranti 5820-99-795-7922 Noise Generator Coupler

 If anyone know the exact specification for this device I appreciate some comments.

Got this from the usual flee bay expecting to have a cheap noise source capable of 10Ghz since they are normally a bit on the expensive side.


Separating the two parts:

This is the power supply side:

And here the noise generator (underneath), a common noise source diagram:

Some similar Ferranti references, so this could be part of the same set:

Im assuming this is a 10 Ghz capable noise generator because of the waveguide and because Ferranti was involved in earlier radar set's at around the 10Ghz range.

End up doing an adapter/transition to SMA using just the noise module part, separating it from the waveguide:

Since I am a bit limited on 10Ghz test equipment the most I could do was connect it to an LNB and checking the level on an DVB-T USB dongle.

Bellow with power on at around 11Ghz (given the LNB offset of 9.750Mhz)

With the generator OFF: I know that there's some noise, anyhow could also be 1.7Ghz noise leaking on the SDR dongle.

I also tested using one LNB as amplifier for the noise (getting the signal before mixing) and then connected the output to the conversion LNB.

The results with the noise generator OFF (on the left) and ON (on the right):

Anyhow since I have no spectrum analyzer capable of 10Ghz, for now I assume it kind of works. I plan to do a filter around 10.3GHz and run noise trough it and then use the LNB and connect to an 1.5Ghz spectrum analyzer (or similar) for better conclusions.

Have a great day!

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